Tuesday, September 30, 2008

**New Sleep Music v0.8

Sleep Timer for your Music player and Radio

For symbian OS 9.1

This program is for the person who likes to listen to music while getting sleep, and not have to worry about the music player running all night, if he or she falls asleep. Simply open the program, enter the amount of hours you wish the program to wait until turning off, Music Player and Radio will close at the time we set .

******* New in this version **************

Now the application comes with two modules

you can choose any module ,

keypress : this module uses the keypress module , this will simulate the keypress

and this will close the music player as you manually closes ,

* This module is more stable than the appswitch module , because some times you will get 'General System Error' and you may need to restart your mobile

**Note you need to install keypress and misty module for working this application

** recommended module : keypress

appswitch: sleep music v0.6 uses this module

* this module will work without keypress and misty module

Inactive Sensor

* apllication can now sense the inactive use of your mobile

* If the user does not use the phone for a specific peroid of time then the application will automatically close the music player

* you can select various inactivity sense time


  • Timer presets available for 15 , 30 and 60 min
  • Also users can enter the time manually
  • You can close either Music Player or Radio


Installation Instructions

**Python must be installed in your mobile

1. Install "sleepmusicv08.sis" sis file to your phone (dont have to sign the application)

2. Sign the attached "keypress102_unsigned_dev_certfree.SIS" sis file

3. Sign the attached "appswitch103_unsigned_devcertfree.SIS" sis file

4. Sign the attached "misty193_unsigned.SIS" sis file

5. Install the signed files in your phone

Please visit

for signning the above files

and feel free to contact me at smart.python@gmail.com

Special thanks to www.symbian-freak.com for support this application

Download Sleep Music v0.8

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